Now located at 4B/522 Graham Street Port Melbourne
Now located at 4B/522 Graham Street Port Melbourne

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As Porsche says, “Porsche doesn’t simply build sports cars. Porsche is more. Much more. Porsche is different.” Porsche is known for their top quality, remarkably designed, high performance, breathtaking vehicles. Porsche offers the ultimate driving experience.

Here at Southbank Prestige Porsche sales in Melbourne, we pride ourselves in helping you get exactly what you are looking for when shopping around for a Porsche in Melbourne or from other states here in Australia. We help you find exactly the Porsche that you are looking for or contact us now or call (03) 9696 7773 to speak with our helpful and friendly staff.
The steps to purchase a Porsche through Southbank Prestige are easy:

Step one for deciding on a Porsche in Australia

Decide on what Porsche suits your lifestyle.
Contact us and we can help you determine exactly what kind of Porsche will suit your lifestyle. Our experts are more than well adept to understand and interpret your needs – finding the perfect Porsche for you to drive in Australia. Our team of prestige car experts can help you determine an expected Porsche Australia price range.

If you already know exactly what kind of Porsche you are looking for, proceed to step two or Contact us now.

Step two for finding Porsche in Australia

Contact us now and let us know exactly what kind of Porsche you are looking for in Australia. Our “auto-alert” computer software combined with our customer research team tells us when the model you are looking for is in Australia and once we find the Porsche you are looking for, we will call you directly.

If you have found a Porsche for sale in Australia and have questions about purchasing the vehicle, contact us now to find out if you are getting the best deal. Southbank Prestige Porsche experts are confident that we can help you get the perfect Porsche to meet your needs and can get you a better deal on Porsches for sale in Australia.

Step three to purchasing a Porsche in Australia

Our team of experts will help you purchase the Porsche with full details about the Porsche we have found that will fit your needs. Contact us now now to find the perfect Porsche to fit your needs.

Southbank Prestige Porsche Sales Australia Promise

Southbank Prestige is a used Porsche dealer in Melbourne. We pride ourselves in helping our customers get the best deals on quality used Porsche here in Australia. Southbank Prestige promises our customers that we will help find the exact Porsche that will suite their prestige automotive needs. Contact us now.

Thinking about alternatives to a Porsche? Contact us now to find out about more prestigious brands we sell such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin…click here for more brands or call (03) 9696 7773 to speak with our helpful and friendly staff.

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