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Now located at 4B/522 Graham Street Port Melbourne

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Pre-Owned Porsche Melbourneq
Porsche Make Some Of The Sleekest Cars On The Road And The Cayenne Is No Exception.

Porsche entered the utility vehicle market with the Cayenne in 2003. It was a game changer. When it was initially announced, the idea of a high-end luxury utility vehicle was met with mixed anticipation. Porsche had always been focused on style and comfort on outside and race-track performance under the hood, but no one had combined this with the size and off-road capability of the Cayenne. However, it didn’t take long before the Cayenne was recognised for its superior handling and driveability for a car of such impressive size. Porsche had created a true Cross Utility Vehicle, respectable in the cities and more than capable of exploring the outdoors.

The Second Generation

The second generation of the Porsche Cayenne (type 92A), brought some major improvements to what was already a prestige car. The car was now much larger than predecessors, but despite this manages to be even lighter. Built using more modern and advanced methods, using more aluminium and magnesium, the second generation handles even better. The reduced weight is also part of the reason this generation is more fuel efficient, with a diesel option also available. Of course, Porsche has continued to manufacture cars on the forefront of technology, including advanced on-board computing, stability control, and bluetooth connectivity.

The Best Of The Bunch

With various models, from 2003 to present, there are a lot to choose from. Our recommendation is to stick to the second generation. As the generation change is when the major changes occurred, the 2010-11 models come in at the best value for money. They were the first of the second generation and have all the important updates at a much lower price. The S models have panoramic sunroofs and a significantly stronger engine, without the excess of higher models. This puts them in the value for money sweet spot. From there, you only need to decide between diesel and petrol.

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