Now located at 4B/522 Graham Street Port Melbourne
Now located at 4B/522 Graham Street Port Melbourne

Pre-Owned Prestige Cars

New Car Feel

The first drive in a new car is a special moment for auto-enthusiasts. There is nothing quite like new car smell. A brand new car has no wear and tear. Eventually it will age, but it will be shaping around you the way good leather shoes do. Mainstream cars offer a pleasant feeling of truly owning a car.

Vehicle Depreciation

However, a car is only new until you buy it. The value drops instantly even as you drive away. The resell value of your car drops to second hand rates just as you’re enjoying the newness. Relatively new used cars have already experienced this drop in value, bringing luxury models down roughly to new family car rates.

Used Prestige Cars

Shopping around at quality used luxury car dealerships can be rewarding. Good used luxury car dealerships offer excellent condition used cars from BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, and other luxury car manufacturers. These can come in around the same price as buying every day models brand new. All in all, they tend to be much better value for money. A prestige car in good condition will be manufactured at a higher standard than new mainstream options. They offer durable luxury for the price of a mainstream car brand new. This doesn’t just mean more style and comfort, but the efficiency to performance ratio on a prestige automobile usually means better fuel economy.

Used Luxury Car Servicing

If you do decide to go with a used luxury car, it is a good idea to find a specialist luxury car mechanic. To maintain to value of buying a prestige automobile it is important to have all servicing and replacements done by the book with authentic manufacturer parts. Southbank Prestige Service Centre offer expert luxury car mechanics in Melbourne.

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