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Now located at 4B/522 Graham Street Port Melbourne

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Mercedes-Benz Produce the Highest Standard of Luxury SUVs

Mercedes-Benz has always manufactured their cars to the highest standards. They are the first to include new and innovative features. On the second-hand market, this means two things. First, older Mercedes-Benz will have the technology to keep up with much newer models from other manufacturers. Second, newer used models will have features yet to come to the mass market.

Mercedes-Benz has been increasingly competitive in the SUV market since 2008, starting strong and keeping up a steady pace. Here are some of the highlights:

2008 ML350

Mercedes-Benz came in strong with its 2008 ML350. The car has the full leather luxury interior expected from a Mercedes, with an inbuilt sat-nav, impressive fuel efficiency, and copious leg room. This car was designed to transport families in style and luxury comfort. Safety is also second to none, of course. Even today it is leagues ahead of the game.

2010 ML300 AMG

Mercedes’ 2010 ML300 AMG edition continued the first rate quality tradition of the above model but added self-adjusting seats and a V6 engine. This sports model unites practical daily driving and extreme performance. The quality of this car’s manufacturing guarantees a long life of exceptional performance.

2012 ML350

With dual climate control and reverse sensors, Mercedes deliver again with its 2012 ML350. Staying at the absolute top of the people-mover market, this 2012 car is luxuriously spacious and fully equipt.

2014 ML250 & ML63 AMG

2014 model Mercedes-Benz remain at the forefront of modern automobile innovation. These models brought keyless entry and start features and luxury ventilated seats. Both are marvelous feats of European engineers built on decades of experience.


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