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Now located at 4B/522 Graham Street Port Melbourne

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How To Buy A Used Porsche in Melbourne

Porsche 986 BoxsterIt’s everybody’s dream: to own a Porsche for as little money as possible. With the reselling of used Porsche’s in Melbourne, this dream can become a reality and you can score yourself a great deal in the process.

If you are looking to buy yourself a used Porsche Boxster, here are some things to consider.


  • The pricing on a Porsche Boxster isn’t very consistent. You can find two cars that are almost identical (think mileage, engine size, etc.) yet their price can differ by a few thousand dollars. It is very important that you shop around to make sure you are getting the best deal and compare the prices.
  • Check all the functions thoroughly before purchasing. You should have two sets of keys, tools for changing tyres, along with the manual (these can all be expensive to replace). Check out the rest of the car for general wear and tear, and if possible, it is recommended to get an opinion from a third-party before making the purchase.
  • Like most used cars, the newer you can purchase, the better. If you can find one that still has some factory warranty on it, this will save you in the long run as you discover new things about your car in the those first few months of ownership.
  • Buy from someone who loved the car and kept it in top condition. If you can find a seller who treasured their Boxster and is sad to see it go, has kept good records and maintains it regularly, you are less likely to run into problems when you purchase the vehicle.

If you are looking for an affordable used Porsche in Melbourne, be sure to check out the range at Southbank Prestige.

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