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Now located at 4B/522 Graham Street Port Melbourne

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Southbank Melbourne BMW

“The Ultimate Driving Machine” is what comes to mind when it comes to a BMW. Well known for prestige, sport performance, sleek looks, and luxurious interiors, BMW’s are top quality vehicles. It’s easy to find the BMW that is right for you with Southbank Prestige BMW sales in Melbourne at your service. Contact us now or call (03) 9696 7773 to speak with our helpful and friendly staff.

Southbank is here to serve your luxury automotive needs. We’re unlike any other BMW dealer in Melbourne because we truly care for our customers. Read more to find out just how.

Southbank Melbourne BMW Car Search

Finding a quality used BMW in Melbourne can be difficult because there are a wide variety of BMWs to choose from. Our strategy to meet your prestige automotive needs starts by helping you determine exactly what model is right for you. We take away the complexity of the BMW one through seven series, BMW X, BMW M, coupe, and M models.

Some of our most popular BMWs are the 3 series, 5 series, and 7 series. The 3 series is the best selling BMW, with the 5 series following close behind. Both are executive style cars that come in multiple body styles. The BMW 7 series is the ultimate full-body luxury car, 4-door sedan. It is the top notch series for BMW.

Why should you spend hours researching what car is right for you? Let our expert’s help you decide. That is why we’re not like any other BMW dealer in Melbourne, because we truly care about our customers’ needs.

To simplify the process of researching and evaluating several thousands of quality used BMWs for sale in Melbourne, simply start here with three easy-to-follow steps.

Step one for researching BMW of Melbourne

To decide which BMW fits your lifestyle, contact us now and we can help you determine exactly what kind of BMW will suit you. With years of luxury car sales experience, our experts are more than well adept to understand and interpret your needs, finding the perfect BMW for you to drive in Australia. All we need to know are a few pieces of information to get started, such as the price range and what you will be using the automobile car for.

If you already know exactly what kind of BMW for sale in Melbourne you are looking for, proceed to step two or Contact us now.

Step two for finding BMW in Melbourne

Contact us and let us know exactly what kind of BMW you are looking for in Australia. Our “auto-alert” computer software combined with our customer research team tells us when the model you are looking for is in Melbourne or other states/cities in Australia. Once we find the BMW you are looking for, we will call you directly and help you evaluate the vehicle before purchasing. Southbank Prestige car experts can also help you find special BMW models in Australia such as the BMW M5 or other special edition models.

Step three to purchasing a BMW in Melbourne

Working with our team of experts, we help you purchase the BMW with full details about the BMW we have found that fits your need.

Contact us now to find the perfect BMW to fit your needs with our super easy three-step process. You will not find this level of customer service at any other BMW dealer in Melbourne.

Southbank BMW of Melbourne Promise

Southbank Prestige is a used BMW dealer in Melbourne. We pride ourselves in helping our customers get the best deal on a quality used BMW here in Melbourne, Australia. Southbank Prestige promises our customers that we will help find the exact BMW that will suit their prestige automotive needs. Contact us to find out more.

Thinking about alternatives to a BMW? Contact us now to find out about more prestige brands we carry such as Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Aston Martin…Click here for more brands or call (03) 9696 7773 to speak with our helpful and friendly staff.

We Offer Prestige Car Service For BMW

We’ve started a workshop as we realised that there was a need for prestige car service. For special BMW servicing offer check out this website.

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